Build Brilliant Brands

by Facebook EMEA Client Council


2020 Oct 27


Discover what’s changing in marketing and what needs to change, in a new book from 22 of the world’s leading marketers, brought to you by the Facebook Client Council for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Notes & Highlights

On Brand Positioning

The classic Procter & Gamble definition of brand positioning that I was taught still works very well, breaking down brand positioning into insight, benefit and the reason why.
For example, while I was General Manager of Actimel, our insight was that stressful modern lives weaken people’s immune systems. The benefit we were offering was that Actimel can help you strengthen your natural defences. And the reason why was because it contains the necessary probiotics to boost immunity.”

On Crafting Brand-Led Customer Experiences

Using common phrases and language can help align your staff and create consistency across the services you deliver. For example, we talk about “putting reputation before revenue”. This means that if a customer calls to say that their data bundle has disappeared, our employees know that the first thing they need to do is restore that bundle before finding out the cause of the problem. We also aim to put “purpose before profits”. Again, this means that, when faced with a decision to make, staff know they should prioritize our purpose of transforming lives over simply making money.
If customers believe that they are being serviced by a company that has caring employees, they will reward you with their loyalty, patronage and with their dollars — or, in our case, Kenyan shillings. And that ultimately translates to long-term, sustainable market share growth. —Sylvia Mulinge

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